Distribution Management: What Objectives Does It Foster?

Created on: December 2nd, 2022
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Distribution management is a process that helps businesses to store, distribute and deliver products or services to their customers. It is a key part of supply chain management and is vital in ensuring that products or services reach customers on time and in the right condition.

Distribution management is important for businesses because it helps ensure that products or services are delivered to customers promptly and efficiently. It also helps businesses to save costs by reducing the need for inventory and storage. 

In addition, distribution management helps businesses to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that products or services are delivered as promised.

Logistics services, warehousing in Calgary, inventory, and packaging are all facets of the supply chain that distribution management is in charge of for a business. 

This network is broad and includes vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers. A corporation needs a distribution management strategy to grow and endure.

What Is Distribution Management? 

Monitoring the transfer of finished goods from a production facility or supplier to the final consumer is known as distribution management. 

Storage, inventory management, selecting and packaging in the warehouse, and last-mile delivery are some of the processes and actions included in this process.

What Objectives Does Distribution Foster?

 A company cannot promise the finest quality of service without a distribution function that monitors and enhances the interaction between producers and customers.

What Does Efficient Distribution Management Entail?

Effective distribution makes consumers’ lives easier in a variety of ways, including accessibility (customers’ awareness of the availability and authorization to purchase), availability (what, where, when – the appropriate product, in the right place, at the right time), and support (such as pre-sales advice, sales promotion and merchandising, etc.).

What Sort of Distribution Management Is This?

An online shop like Amazon sends goods to clients, unlike a pharmaceutical corporation, which supplies medicines to pharmacies. Delivery times and shipping costs are decreased, and customer satisfaction is raised thanks to effective distribution management. 

What Benefits Does The Management of Distribution Provide?

For retailers, distribution management could be a crucial sales cycle phase. The ability of an organization to cycle things may have an impact on sales. A solid distribution management system is essential for businesses to satisfy customers and maintain competitiveness.

What Are The Four Available Distribution Strategies?

The four distribution channels are direct selling through:

Distribution Management

  • Direct Selling 
  • Intermediaries
  • Dual Distribution
  • Reverse Logistics Techniques

Companies that supervise transactions and actual product exchanges make up each channel. 

What Are The Available Distribution Options?

Wholesalers, retailers, and direct-to-consumer sales are the three different distribution channels. Wholesalers are companies that function as middlemen, buying large quantities of goods from manufacturers and reselling them to merchants or, rarely, to final consumers.

What Does The Distribution Serve To Achieve?

The distribution function aims to produce or provide necessities for the significant customer populations dispersed over various locations. In addition to ensuring that the goods are delivered to customers in good shape, the distribution strives to monitor, store, and safeguard the commodities.


Distribution management is the process of managing the distribution of goods and services. It includes the distribution of finished products, raw materials, and other items to retailers, wholesalers, and other customers. Distribution management is important because it helps to ensure that goods and services are delivered to the right customers at the right time.

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