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A Strategic Merger, providing a full suite of Logistics Expertise.

Calgary – October 1st, 2022 – FMi Logistics Incorporated, a Western Canadian based 3PL with core disciplines in North American Freight Management, International Freight Forwarding & Commercial Distribution, has acquired the Steeles Transportation Group – a Calgary based Trucking firm specializing in Provincial LTL Distribution and National Freight Management.

FMi is bullish on Canadian Economic and Global supply chain stabilization as the world navigates its way through recent pressures.  This strategic expansion supports FMi’s continued growth in Freight Management & International Forwarding while adding Transportation Assets, positioning FMi as a full-service Logistics firm.  FMi welcomes the Steeles team into its Calgary Operations group, working closely with owner & President Dennis Steele through the transition and supporting further growth and investment of the Steeles brand in Alberta and beyond.  

Eric & Kathleen Steele founded Steeles Transfer 65 years ago, and today Dennis Steele brings with him that 65 years of Alberta Transportation industry experience to the FMi team.  

“The strategic merger of our disciplines, highly skilled teams and systems, along with a growing demand for integrated service platforms, positions FMi to support growth in core Supply Chain segments” reports Stanier, “Our respect for the Steeles group through our 25 year history of working with them as a partner is a cornerstone of our strategy to retain, invest in and grow the Steeles brand as part of the FMi Logistics Group.

“My team and I are excited to join FMi Logistics while continuing to provide the services Steele’s customers have come to trust.  This new and larger team demonstrates our commitment to leveraging synergies as we continue to invest in Alberta and beyond,” reports Steele.

Darryl Stanier founded FMi Logistics in 1996 as a Calgary-based Freight Broker.  Today FMi provides National & International Freight Management, International Forwarding & Commercial Distribution to many of North America’s top corporations. 

For more information info@fmicanada.com www.fmicanada.com 1-866-723-6660

info@steelesgroup.com www.steelesgroup.com 1-800-332-8398

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A freight forwarding truck with landscape in the background.
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